Getting ready

So tomorrow I fly to Chicago, to be away from the husband for a whole month. It’s the longest we’ve been apart since I lived in Norway and he lived in the UK. I’m sure it will be fine, but right now, it feels a bit scary and daunting.

Today I have been packing, and tidying, in between my many busy moments of procrastinating so as to not have to tidy and/or pack. I love travelling, but I absolutely hate packing.  I put off packing for as long as possible. I put all manner of books I may want to read in the next month on my E-reader. I filled my shiny new Ipad full of entertainment. I’ve located my passport, printed out my ticket confirmation, booked my seat on the airport bus, extended the credit on the MasterCard and made sure that all my insurance is in order (I would never set foot in the USA without making very sure that I had valid travel insurance). There should be an app or some sort of special button that you could press, and all the things you need magically appeared neatly folded in your suitcase. Since that is not the case, I’ve been reading the weather forecast and making packing lists, and the day before yesterday, I finally went down to the basement to fetch my suitcase. Which, once I dragged it up five flights of stairs, turned out to weigh 5.5 kgs (12.1 lbs). So before I’d even put a thing in it, it took up about a fifth of my total luggage allowance. It also handles like a particularly unwieldy brick. There was really nothing to do, but to go out and buy myself a new suitcase.

The new suitcase. The colour is called “raspberry”.

The old suitcase (although mine was navy with ofdifferent coloured handles)

The new suitcase is fabric, weighs nearly half of the old one (which has now been consigned to languishing away in the basement again), and because of the four wheels on the bottom, is really easy to move around. I’ve now left about a third of space in the case for all the wonderful things I will no doubt purchase and bring back with me from the States.

In addition to packing, I’ve probably done my own weight in laundry, and kept my promise to the husband – the bedroom is now so tidy that I would happily let any guest – even our parents – see it.  That’s quite an achievement, as some of my friends, who did happen to see it in various stages of horrible mess will be able to testify. Once the living room is tidy, I can fly off to the States, and when I return, we’ll see if the flat is constantly messy because of me, or if the husband, left to his own devices in an empty flat, is also a horrible housekeeper. I suspect the latter, he is sure he’ll be able to prove the former.

I’m going to try to make this a travel blog during my journey – but it will depend on access to computers, and enough free time. I’m not bringing my own laptop, I’m hoping that the Ipad will suffice for my communications needs. There will obviously be at least one computer I can borrow at Lydia and Michael’s in Chicago, and I know we have access to campus computers at Luther College in Iowa, so watch this space for updates on my month in the US of A.


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